Valerie ColemanUmoja – A Kwanzaa Celebration

Valerie Coleman is a distinct voice in a new generation of African-American artists who combine African-American heritage and urban culture to contemporary music. This original composition, a “groove-based” melody, calls for unity through the tradition of call and response. (Umoja is the Swahili word for “unity” and is the first day in the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa).

Suited for:


For Brass Quintet, 5 minutes.
BR5-0340 . . . $32.00

Paquito D’RiveraAfro

A slow introduction is followed by an energetic, rhythmic and modal six-eight dance over an Afro-Cuban ostinato. Arranged for trio by Gustavo Tavares.

Suited for:


For Piano Trio - Part 1: Clarinet, Violin or Trumpet, Part 2: Cello, Bassoon or Trombone, 6 minutes.
PN3-0321 . . . $34.00

Paquito D’RiveraDanzón

Paquito’s classical/Latin jazz trio has many lyrical sections and is composed in the style of a Cuban danzón. Includes an optional improvisation section for the top voice (clarinet, violin or trumpet)

Suited for:


For Piano Trio - Part 1: Clarinet, Violin or Trumpet, Part 2: Cello, Bassoon or Trombone, 6 minutes.
PN3-9820 . . . $22.00

Paquito D’RiveraPreludio y Merengue

A memorable recital work and excellent example of Paquito’s unique mix of Latin and modal jazz styles. The colorful and episodic Preludio is followed by an energetic, lilting Merengue in five-eight time. Includes improvised solos for the top voice (clarinet, violin or trumpet). Arranged for trio by Franco D’Rivera and Pablo Zinger.

Suited for:


For Piano Trio - Part 1: Clarinet, Violin or Trumpet, Part 2: Cello, Bassoon or Trombone, 6 minutes.
PN3-0322 . . . $39.00

Paquito D’RiveraVals Venezolano

Jack Brownell’s arrangment of D’Rivera’s lively, syncopated, Venezuelan waltz. A perfect recital opener or encore! Trpt. 1 doubles on piccolo trumpet.

Suited for:


For Brass Quintet, 3-4 minutes.
BR5-0740 . . . $26.00

Abdo DagherFan el-musiqä el-misriyya el-hadithah el-’arabiyyah es-sufiyyah

(The New Egyptian-Arabic Sufic Art Music)

A volume of six (approximately 5 minutes each) expressive, fully transcribed compositions by Egyptian violinist/composer Abdo Dagher, master virtuoso in the traditional art of monodic (non-harmonized) Arabic music. The pieces include Layali Zamaan (Nights of the Past), Longa Nahawand, An-Nil (The Nile), Nidaa’ (Call to Prayer), Longa ‘Agam, and Sama’i Kurd Yakaa (10/4 meter). These melodic compositions will give Western classical musicians an understanding of Arabic music, including ornamentation, microtones (sikha), modes (maqamat) and rhythmic patterns (wazn). They may be performed as unique solo recital pieces or in chamber music settings with completely flexible instrumentation, including optional improvised cadenzas (taqasim). Optional percussive rhythmic patterns may be added with Arabic or Western percussion; all versions include both Arabic and Western percussion notation.

Suited for:


For Bassoon or Low Brass, 30 minutes.
BSN-0180 . . . $20.00

Fela SowandeObangiji

A brass quintet transcription of a West African Yoruba anthem by the Nigerian organist/composer, Fela Sowande (1905-1987). Transcribed by Adam Lesnick.

Suited for:


For Brass Quintet, 4 minutes.
BR5-0958 . . . $23.00

William Grant StillThree Songs

Known as “The Dean of Afro-American Composers,” Still’s musical style incorporates a variety of African-American and European styles. Three songs, If You Should Go, Song for the Lonely, and Bayou Home, arranged by Alexa Still and suitable for players of all levels.

Suited for:


For Trombone/Piano, 10 minutes.
TBN-0902 . . . $15.00

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