Paquito D’RiveraPreludio y Merengue

A memorable recital work and excellent example of Paquito’s unique mix of Latin and modal jazz styles. The colorful and episodic Preludio is followed by an energetic, lilting Merengue in five-eight time. Includes improvised solos for the clarinet. A wonderful string quartet arrangement by Gustavo Tavares.

Suited for:


For Clarinet and String Quartet, 6 minutes.
CL-0322 . . . $42.00

Abdo DagherFan el-musiqä el-misriyya el-hadithah el-’arabiyyah es-sufiyyah

(The New Egyptian-Arabic Sufic Art Music)

A volume of six (approximately 5 minutes each) expressive, fully transcribed compositions by Egyptian violinist/composer Abdo Dagher, master virtuoso in the traditional art of monodic (non-harmonized) Arabic music. The pieces include Layali Zamaan (Nights of the Past), Longa Nahawand, An-Nil (The Nile), Nidaa’ (Call to Prayer), Longa ‘Agam, and Sama’i Kurd Yakaa (10/4 meter). These melodic compositions will give Western classical musicians an understanding of Arabic music, including ornamentation, microtones (sikha), modes (maqamat) and rhythmic patterns (wazn). They may be performed as unique solo recital pieces or in chamber music settings with completely flexible instrumentation, including optional improvised cadenzas (taqasim). Optional percussive rhythmic patterns may be added with Arabic or Western percussion; all versions include both Arabic and Western percussion notation. String versions may be played with authentic Arabic scordatura tuning (down one whole step).

Suited for:


For Violin or Viola, 30 minutes.
STR-0180 . . . $20.00

Louise FarrencNonetto

One of the first women composers to gain wide regard throughout Europe, Farrenc studied composition with Hummel and Reicha and received critical acclaim from Schumann and Berlioz. One of her most successful works, the Nonetto in Eb is similar to the Beethoven Septet and the Schubert Octet, featuring solo lines for all of the instruments. The premiere of the Nonetto featured legendary 19-year-old violinist Josef Joachim and catapulted Farrenc to near-celebrity status as a composer, so much so that the Paris Conservatoire agreed to put her salary in line with its male professors!

Suited for:


For Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Woodwind Quintet, 26 minutes.
MC-9601 . . . $56.00

Justinian TamusuzaEkivvulu Ky’ Endere (An African Festivity for Flute)

One of Africa’s leading contemporary composers, Uganda’s Justinian Tamusuza considers this to be his best work, incorporating traditional African folk elements, minimalist techniques, polyrhythms and unique instrumentation with specific performance instructions to simulate a troupe of African musicians. The three sections of this challenging work are: Okwanjula Kw’ Endere (Introduction of the Flute) – a dramatic 7 minute solo flute soliloquy which may be performed separately as a solo piece, Okujaganya (Rejoicing) and Akayisanyo (Finale). May be performed with a conductor. A very unusual audience pleaser for recitals or chamber music programs.

Suited for:


For Flute, Viola, Harp, Marimba, Maracas, 23 minutes.
FL-9607 . . . $42.00

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