Gamal Abdel-RahimBohayrat Al-Lotus (The Lotus Pond)

Known as the “Bartok of Egypt,” Abdel-Rahim’s music contains many beautiful ornamented solo lines and exotic non-Western harmonies based on Arabic modes (maqamat). This piece has been popular among Egyptian instrumentalists for decades and is published now for the first time with the solo part available for flute, oboe or violin. Also available in a woodwind quintet arrangement.

Suited for:


For Flute (or Oboe or Violin) and Piano, 5 minutes.
SW-0175 . . . $22.00

Gamal Abdel-RahimRaqsat Isis (Dance of Isis)

The ensemble of flute and harp work perfectly in this unusual and beautifulwork that evokes the sounds of ancient Egypt with Abdel-Rahim’s exotic harmonies based on Arabic music modes (maqamat). A technically challenging recital work by Egypt’s leading art music composer of the 20th Century.

Suited for:


For Flute and Harp, 5 minutes.
FL-0176 . . . $28.00

Amy BeachSonata in A Minor, Op. 34

Amy Marcy Cheney Beach was considered to be one of the most gifted composers of her day, known as the first prominent American woman composer of symphonic music. The Sonata in A Minor, Op. 34, (1896) is an epic romantic piece in the style of Brahms and Chopin. Originally for violin, this transcription for flute and piano by Dr. Alexa Still is similar in stature and difficulty to the Cesar Franck Sonata. Technically easier than the Prokofiev Sonata, it requires similar endurance due to the extensive lyrical melodies in all registers.

Suited for:


For Flute and Piano, 26 minutes.
FL-9510 . . . $25.00

Vanraj BhatiaSangit Raat (Night Music)

Vanraj Bhatia is recognized as one of India’s leading composers of art and film music. Trained in both traditional Indian music (raga), and modern Western composition (with Nadia Boulanger), his music combines the two with precisely notated rhythms and ornaments. This challenging four movement contemporary work for solo flute (Night Music I, Song from Jammu, Dance in 3+7 rhythm, Night Music II) utilizes elements of the Indian flute folk music played by young boys in the night markets of Delhi.

Suited for:


For Flute Solo, 8-9 minutes.
FL-0140 . . . $19.00

Allan BlankFour Poems by Emily Dickinson

Four contemporary settings of Dickinson’s poetry (How Happy Is The Little Stone, In This Short Life, Surgeons Must Be Very Careful, and Nature Is What We See). An unusual recital piece advanced student and professional players.

Suited for:


For Soprano, Flute, and Clarinet in A, 12 minutes.
WW2-9810 . . . $25.00

Ignacio CervantesTwo Cuban Dances

Two lively dances by the well known early 20th Century Cuban composer Ignacio Cervantes, Los Tres Golpes and Invitación, arranged by Paquito D’Rivera.

Suited for:


For Flute Duo, 2-3 minutes.
FL-9622 . . . $6.00

Andrea ClearfieldGaia

Gaia is a prayer to the Earth and a prayer for peace, incorporating fragments of a Hopi Native-American lullaby. It was inspired by a young girl’s poem, inviting the spirit of the Earth Mother to join her in a ritual of gratitude which grows from a chant into a dance celebrating the eternal pulsing of the earth.

Suited for:


For Soprano (or Mezzo), Oboe (or Flute) and Piano, 8 minutes.
MC-0301 . . . $30.00

Andrea ClearfieldLove Song

Rhythmically exciting, evocative and lyrical, Love Song (1995) explores the chaotic, surreal, and urban dimensions of love. Challenges the players’ dramatic sense, allowing for some improvised freedom within the structure of this virtuoso work. “Wonderfully witty and dramatic”- International Alliance for Women in Music Journal.

Suited for:


For Flute, Soprano and Piano, 6 minutes.
FL-9809 . . . $24.00

Valerie ColemanUmoja – A Kwanzaa Celebration

Valerie Coleman is a distinct voice in a new generation of African-American artists who combine African-American heritage and urban culture to contemporary music. This original composition, a “groove-based” melody, calls for unity through the tradition of call and response. (Umoja is the Swahili word for “unity” and is the first day in the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa). Scored for flute, oboe and clarinet, it may also be performed by two flutes and clarinet, or flute trio (two flutes and bass flute) (substitute parts included)

Suited for:


For Woodwind Trio or Flute Trio, 5 minutes.
WW3-0340 . . . $25.00

Marvin V. CurtisBaptism

In the style of a spiritual, African-American composer Marvin V. Curtis’s piece is suitable for flutists of all levels of ability, and is suitable for churches of all denominations. The vocal part may be performed by soprano, alto or baritone.

Suited for:


For Flute, Voice and Piano, 4 minutes.
FL-9640 . . . $14.00

Paquito D’RiveraAlborada y Son

These two movements from the Aires Tropicales provide a unique addition to the repertoire for flute ensembles. The Alborada is a short introduction to the extended Son movement with its Latin melodies and syncopated bass line. (Piccolo, 3 Flutes, Bass Flute)

Suited for:


For Flute Quintet (Piccolo, 3 Flutes, Bass Flute), 7 minutes.
FL5-0140 . . . $19.00

Paquito D’RiveraGran Danzón, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (Reduction for Flute, Piano and Optional Percussionist)

Commissioned in 2002 by the National Symphony, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Rotterdam Philharmonic for flutist Marina Piccinini, this lively and colorful one-movement concerto is based on the Cuban national dance, the danzón, as well as various other popular Cuban and Afro-Cuban styles. This very effective reduction for piano by Evan Hause with optional percussionist (guiro, clave, suspended cymbal, triangle, snare, bongos, rain stick, tom-toms, optional timpani) makes a sizzling virtuoso recital piece. Orchestral parts available upon request. “Best that night was Paquito D’Rivera’s Gran Danzon...a spiky and imaginatively colored piece...a dazzling work revealing D’Rivera’s sophistication as a composer.” Washington Post

Suited for:


For Flute and Piano with optional Percussion (1 player), 26 minutes.
FL-0344 . . . $48.00

Paquito D’RiveraVals Venezolano and Contradanza

D’Rivera is well known as a cross-over artist and composer (6 Grammy awards). These two exciting Latin dance pieces work well with or without the piano accompaniments. Contradanza is a tribute to legendary Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona; the Vals Venezolano honors Venezuela’s Antonio Lauro in a lively syncopated waltz. These vibrant pieces are perfect as encores or instrumental feature pieces!

Suited for:


For Flute and Piano, 5 minutes.
FL-9620 . . . $16.00

Abdo DagherFan el-musiqä el-misriyya el-hadithah el-’arabiyyah es-sufiyyah

(The New Egyptian-Arabic Sufic Art Music)

A volume of six (approximately 5 minutes each) expressive, fully transcribed compositions by Egyptian violinist/composer Abdo Dagher, master virtuoso in the traditional art of monodic (non-harmonized) Arabic music. The pieces include Layali Zamaan (Nights of the Past), Longa Nahawand, An-Nil (The Nile), Nidaa’ (Call to Prayer), Longa ‘Agam, and Sama’i Kurd Yakaa (10/4 meter). These melodic compositions will give Western classical musicians an understanding of Arabic music, including ornamentation, microtones (sikha), modes (maqamat) and rhythmic patterns (wazn). They may be performed as unique solo recital pieces or in chamber music settings with completely flexible instrumentation, including optional improvised cadenzas (taqasim). Optional percussive rhythmic patterns may be added with Arabic or Western percussion; all versions include both Arabic and Western percussion notation.

Suited for:


For C treble clef instrument - (Flute, Oboe, Keyboard, Harp or Guitar), 30 minutes.
C-0180 . . . $20.00

Claude DebussyPrélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

A must for all flute/harp duos, this arrangement by harpist Judy Loman (Toronto Symphony) takes the flute part from Debussy’s original version of Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, with the flute carrying more of the melodic material than in the orchestral version. Described by Jeanne Baxtresser (New York Philharmonic, former principal) as an “absolutely gorgeous arrangement that brings the flavor of the orchestral version into the chamber setting,” Ms. Baxtresser has recorded this piece on Cala Artists’ Legends of New York (CAD0512) with harpist Sarah Bullen (Chicago Symphony).

Suited for:


For Flute and Harp, 10 minutes.
FL-9602 . . . $32.00

Do Hong QuanBon buc tranh (Four Pictures)

An unusual flute recital piece by one of the leading Vietnamese composers (chairman, composition department, Hanoi Conservatory); published for the first time. Four contrasting movements based on the sounds of Vietnamese folk music with contemporary harmonies. Includes alternate oboe part instead of flute. Optional piccolo. 2 percussionists play tam-tam (including improvised cadenza), tom-toms, cowbell and bass drum.

Suited for:


For Flute (or Oboe), Two Percussion, Piano, 10-11 minutes.
MC-0160 . . . $38.00

Do Hong QuanTieng Rung (Song of the Jungle)

A challenging contemporary trio for flute, alto flute and bass flute by one of the leading contemporary Vietnamese composers, Do Hong Quan, chairman of the composition department at the Hanoi Conservatory. Rhythmically complex, this short, atonal work for flutes includes an improvisational section.

Suited for:


For Flute Trio (Flute, Alto Flute and Bass Flute), 5 minutes.
FL-0161 . . . $19.00

Adolphus HailstorkArabesques

A very unique recital piece by the leading African-American composer showcasing both performers. In five contrasting movements, including solos for flute and vibraphone, and two movements with rhythmic patterns of 5 and 10, common to Arabic music. Percussion (1 player) includes xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, tom-toms, claves, tam-tam, and medium gong.

Suited for:


For Flute and Percussion (1 player - xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, tom-toms, claves, medium gong), 11-12 minutes.
FL-0156 . . . $29.00

Adolphus HailstorkSongs of the Magi

Renowned African-American composer Adolphus Hailstork’s beautiful piece in four movements works well for recitals and church programs. Stylistically romantic with subtle modern influences. Solo part may be performed by flute, oboe or clarinet.

Suited for:


For Flute (or Oboe or Clarinet) and String Quartet, 17 minutes.
MC-0155 . . . $32.00

Adolphus HailstorkThe Pied Piper of Harlem

A three movement solo piece with contrasting African-American musical styles; suitable for student and professional players.

Suited for:


For Flute Solo, 5 minutes.
FL-9910 . . . $14.00

Hoang CuongThoa noi nho mong (Longing for Times Past)

Bien tau chu de cho bon nhac cu
(Variations for Four Musical Instruments)

The sound of the dan bau, or single-string zither, is uniquely Vietnamese. This monochord instrument can be traced back to 7th-century northern Vietnam. The musician holds a bamboo pick in the right hand and plucks the steel string to obtain harmonics while the left hand moves a flexible handle carved out of buffalo horn to create the melody. Historically, the dan bau has been played alone or to accompany recitations of poetry. In recent years, however, as in this work, composers have achieved striking effects by combining the dan bau with contemporary Western instruments. The composer has written the substitute clarinet part so that Western ensembles may perform this piece in the event that there is no dan bau player available.

Professor Hoang, director of the City Conservatory of Music in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), based this instrumental work on a traditional melody from an old song form of north Vietnam, quan ho, or antiphonal courting song. In this tradition the young men of one village band together to go serenade the young women of a neighboring village, and the women respond in song. The title of this work, which translates roughly as “satisfying the longings stirred by memory,” is taken from a line of the folk song on which it is based. “When I miss you,” the song goes, “I go to the river where we met and drink from its waters to calm the emotions stirred up by my thoughts of you.” The work is in the form of a theme and four variations.

Thoa noi nho mong was premiered in North Carolina on February 2nd, 2003 by the Mallarme Chamber Players (Anna Ludwig Wilson, flute, Hsiao-mei Ku, violin, Jonathan Kramer, cello and Deborah Hollis, piano, with guest artist Nguyen Phong, dan bau).

Suited for:


For Flute, Dan Bau (or Clarinet), Cello and Piano, 15 minutes.
MC-0750 . . . $39.00

Antonio LauroEl Niño

Venezuelan Antonio Lauro’s beautiful waltz as arranged by Paquito D’Rivera. (2 flutes and bass flute; the second flute part may also be performed on oboe or violin; the lowest part may be played on cello or bassoon instead of bass flute).

Suited for:


For Flute Trio (2 Flutes and Bass Flute, with substitute parts), 3 minutes.
FL-9823 . . . $25.00

Antonio LauroLauro for Flute

Five selections (Vals Venezolano #1 and #2, Natalia, El Marabino and Carora) by legendary Venezuelan guitarist/composer Antonio Lauro, beautifully adapted for solo flute by Paquito D’Rivera. An excellent recital choice, these pieces sound like a Latin Bach suite.

Suited for:


For Flute Solo, 9-10 minutes.
FL-9822 . . . $28.00

Sally A. LewisMy Shepherd

An adaptation of Psalm 23 for vocal soloist with instrumental obbligato. The accompaniment may be performed by piano or organ (see also FL-9641 for handbell choir accompaniment for 3, 4, or 5 octave handbell choirs, instead of piano). Includes substitute C, Bb, F and bass clef (C) instrumental parts. Suitable for student or professional players.

Suited for:


For Voice, Obbligato Wind(C, Bb, F and Bass Clef parts), and Piano, 6 minutes.
FL-9642 . . . $14.00

Sally A. LewisMy Shepherd

An adaptation of Psalm 23 for vocal soloist with instrumental obbligato. The accompaniment may be performed by handbell choir (includes versions for 3, 4, or 5 octave handbell choirs) or piano/organ (see FL-9642). Includes substitute C, Bb, F and bass clef (C) instrumental parts. Handbell choir version includes director’s score and 8 oversized ringers’ editions. Suitable for student or professional players.

Suited for:


For Voice, Obbligato Wind (C, Bb, F and Bass Clef parts), and Handbell Choir, 6 minutes.
FL-9641 . . . $14.00

Ali Osmanel-Mohager

Born in Sudan and currently teaching at the Cairo Conservatory, Osmanjuxtaposes complex modal contrapuntal lines in Arabic maqam over a very simple 14/4 meter ostinato in the riqq (tambourine). A unique recital piece.

Suited for:


For Flute/Oboe/Tambourine(Riqq), 7 minutes.
WW2-0740 . . . $32.00

Maurice Ravel — “La Flûte enchantée” from Schéhérezade

A transcription of the 2nd movement of the song cycle including the complete orchestral flute part. Arranged by Adam Lesnick. (Available in USA only).

Suited for:


For Woodwind Quintet, 3-4 minutes.
WW5-9622 . . . $16.00

Ronald RosemanCome chitarra

Composer/oboist Ronald Roseman’s one movement work for flute and guitar features virtuoso writing in a contemporary style with references to Spanish Flamenco. This edition is a copy of the composer’s (neat!) manuscript.

Suited for:


For Flute and Guitar, 8 minutes.
FL-9805 . . . $18.00

Undine Smith MooreAfro-American Suite

Dr. Moore was one of the most prominent African-American women composers of the 20th Century. Published here for the first time, her Afro-American Suite (1969) has four movements based on traditional Negro spirituals, but adapted harmonically using the modern composer’s tools. A very accessible chamber music piece for instrumental “voices,” well suited for recitals or church. (The slow movement is written for alto flute).

Suited for:


For Flute, Cello and Piano, 12-13 minutes.
MC-0150 . . . $30.00

Becky SteltznerHambani Kakuhle Kwela

Composed in the style of the popular South African Pennywhistle Tune known as the kwela by Cape Town Philharmonic (South Africa) clarinetist, Becky Steltzner. This short, upbeat encore piece will be a favorite for all occasions! Available for flute with string quartet or woodwind quintet featuring flute.

Suited for:


For Flute and String Quartet, 4 minutes.
FL-9853 . . . $22.00

William Grant StillMother and Child/Gamin

Alexa Still’s arrangement of two movements from the Suite for Violin is a wonderful addition to the solo flute repertoire. Mother and Child is lyrical, sustained and expressive, employing the singing qualities of all of the flute’s ranges and is reminiscent of both spirituals and Debussy. Gamin is a rhythmic, humorous and jazzy piece which contrasts the previous movement and challenges the flutist technically. Recorded by Alexa Still on Koch International Classics.

Suited for:


For Flute and Piano, 10 minutes.
FL-95S7 . . . $18.00

William Grant StillThree Songs

Known as “The Dean of Afro-American Composers,” Still’s musical style incorporates a variety of African-American and European styles. Three Still songs, If You Should Go, Song for the Lonely, and Bayou Home, arranged by Alexa Still for flute with piano accompaniment. Suitable for players of all levels.

Suited for:


For Flute and Piano, 10 minutes.
FL-95S2 . . . $15.00

Justinian Tamusuza“Okwanjula” from Ekivvulu Ky’ Endere

One of Africa’s leading contemporary composers, Uganda’s Justinian Tamusuza considers this to be his best work, incorporating traditional African folk elements, minimalist techniques, polyrhythms and unique instrumentation with specific performance instructions to simulate a troupe of African musicians. The first section of this challenging work is Okwanjula Kw’ Endere (Introduction of the Flute) – a dramatic 7 minute solo flute soliloquy, may be performed separately as a solo piece. For complete piece, see Ekivvulu Ky’ Endere for flute, viola, harp, marimba and maracas.

Suited for:


For Flute Solo, 7 minutes.
FL-9603 . . . $19.00

Justinian TamusuzaEkivvulu Ky’ Endere (An African Festivity for Flute)

One of Africa’s leading contemporary composers, Uganda’s Justinian Tamusuza considers this to be his best work, incorporating traditional African folk elements, minimalist techniques, polyrhythms and unique instrumentation with specific performance instructions to simulate a troupe of African musicians. The three sections of this challenging work are: Okwanjula Kw’ Endere (Introduction of the Flute) – a dramatic 7 minute solo flute soliloquy which may be performed separately as a solo piece, Okujaganya (Rejoicing) and Akayisanyo (Finale). May be performed with a conductor. A very unusual audience pleaser for recitals or chamber music programs.

Suited for:


For Flute, Viola, Harp, Marimba, Maracas, 23 minutes.
FL-9607 . . . $42.00

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