By Email

For our Internet customers we would like to make ordering as convenient as possible; we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, in addition to checks, money orders and international money orders. We fully cooperate with authorities in the investigation of credit card fraud. All prices are in U.S. dollars and all transactions and payments should also be done in U.S. dollars. If you wish to order via , please include a list of your selections, your address and phone number, and credit card information. If you are uncomfortable ordering by email for security reasons, we recommend one of the alternatives below.

By Phone or Fax

If you wish to order by phone or fax, please call our 24 hour toll free phone/fax number at 800-720-0189 (Outside of the USA, Phone/Fax: 610-667-3436) and leave all of the information regarding your order. Please speak slowly and be sure to leave your phone number!
By Mail (SLOWER!)

Despite all of the technological advances, many of our customers still prefer "snail mail" when placing their orders. Please send your order information to:
International Opus, P.O. Box 4852, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. 23220.

Postage and Shipping Information

Orders within the United States
For orders under $100.00, add $5.00.
For orders over $100.00, add 5% of music order total.

Foreign Orders
For orders under $130.00, add $13.00
For orders over $130.00, add 10% of music order total.

Toll Free Phone/Fax - USA: (800) 720-0189 (24 hours)
Phone/Fax - Outside the USA: (610) 667-3436 (24 hours)
P.O. Box 4852 • Richmond, Virginia 23220 • U.S.A.